Let’s have a serious conversation for ESO about difficulty and the future

Things have been said on both sides that I think are not productive (myself included) I think anyone passionate about the side they are will tend to get heated about it and we have seen this on both sides.

So lets start over – the fact of the matter is we are all playing the same game and we want it to do well. I think its important to have both the “non elite”, the “overly elite” and everything in between (for lack of better terms).

Let's have a serious conversation for ESO about difficulty and the future

What could possibly be done to appease both sides? I hate to bring it up but I think WoW has the best answer to this situation (don’t get me wrong I don’t want this game to become wow just throwing ideas out). They have something called the brawlers guild for incredibly difficult solo content, they also have some sort of trial training system for solo (i never did it I quit before that came out) that I have heard can be incredibly difficult.

They have varying difficulties of dungeons, raids, and etc to keep everyone happy.

The fact of the matter is that people who enjoy a challenge aren’t going to enjoy facerolling and people who are just in it for learning the story and relaxing aren’t going to enjoy a great amount of challenge. Further some people don’t want to put that much time into a game for end game – that’s fine.

so my question to all of you is other than the above tried and true methods how do you think zenimax could cater to both sides of the argument? I think we all just want to have fun and coexist to keep this wonderful game funded. So how can we help coexist?

Do you think the answer lies in difficulty toggles for instances? (easy mode, normal, and nightmare trials/dungeons)

Let's have a serious conversation for ESO about difficulty and the future

Maybe completely cosmetic/titles in a small challenging solo mini game to play where you solo different difficulties of bosses? you could even have a difficulty toggle. PvE arena anyone? where people sit in a colluseum and watch other players fight to the death on increasingly difficult encounters. Could have easy, medium, and nightmare leagues or something.

I think most of us “hardcores” would be fine if we had some solo content for us to enjoy as well. That is all we are really asking for. I don’t think many (at least I wouldn’t) would mind if we had another way to get that adrenalin rush that we crave when we can’t raid or don’t feel like pvping.

I think most of the “not so hardcore” would be fine as long as they can continue to enjoy the game and get the story.
Disclaimer: I apologize if any of this seems bias. I don’t intend for it to be, I can’t say that I understand wanting things easy mode any more than I’m sure many of you can say you understand those of us who want a grueling challenge. The current path we are taking is hostile and toxic and I think the game could seriously use more subs instead of pushing more out.