Leveling Guide – How to Level Up FAST in ESO

Hey chim, for some reason, the past 7 months that I’ve been subbed NONE OF YOUR VIDEOS CAME UP IN MY SUB FEED… So I’ve missed out on 7 months of your videos… Gonna be watching some of these. But I just wanted to bring this to your attention about how messed up youtube is now…

Something that I do is click on the cog beside subscribed and turn on e-mail notifications. This way you get an email (usually sent within an hour but sometimes a little longer) for when a video comes up on that particular subscriber. Yeah the algorithm sucks. I was subbed to cinemasins for a year and had to search for the video every week because it would never show up in my feed, despite me binge watching the videos. Which is why I turned to email notifications, which now means I never go into my feed so there are probably things I am missing now.


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