ESO Server Maintenance Is Killing Trade Guilds

I have noticed in the past month that traders in the main base content areas have changing more. I confirm I have seen trading guilds with a lot of history losing their bids for the week. I was interested enough to start tracking the vendors on my blog. Overall, I think the trader gold sink is a good thing for the economy, but having been involved in hunts to find a replacement trader, it’s no fun for the hardworking trader guild officers trying secure a spot for the week.


A few of the issues we meet in Elders Scrolls Online

I’d like to take this opportunity to lay out a few of the issues we have with Kiosk flip times. Despite our best efforts of asking about this and suggesting specific solutions for over a year, we’ve never had any sort of response.

Bid Spying
It remains a huge issue in the game and is extremely easy to do. It is possible to calculate EXACTLY what a guild has bid *before* the bids process. This forces guilds in a competitive location to be on just before the kiosks flip to “top off” their bid. Numerous suggestions have been put forth to eliminate this issue once and for all. Removing bids from the history (which used to be posted after the bids processed) has accomplished nothing other than reducing transparency to members while allowing bid spies to keep right on spying. This also creates paranoia and bad blood between guilds.

Flip Time
In the summer, Kiosks flip at 5AM PDT / 8AM EDT. It’s even worse in the winter – an hour earlier!
Highly active trade guilds typically do their biggest events on Sunday night and then have just a few hours to grab some sleep and be present for the flip. Even if bid-spying was eliminated, Officers still have to be on to search for an open location if the bid is lost. Why does this have to take place before the sun comes up on a *Monday* morning?

A few of the issues we meet in Elders Scrolls Online

And now, maintenance has added a special new layer of hell. That means placing final bids at 4A East / 1A West and then being at the mercy of whenever servers come back up to know the results and search for a location if the bid isn’t won.

Why do kiosk flip times have to be early Monday morning? How about something closer to peak play time so people don’t have to interrupt their sleep 1-2 times every Monday just to secure a kiosk?

I realize this affects a small slice of the community and there are far more pressing issues that affect bigger portions of the population. But c’mon. These have been our main “pain points” with Trading Guilds for a very long time and despite extensive and thoughtful feedback, we can’t even get an answer, let alone any sort of improvement to the situation.

– Eliminate bid spying once and for all.
– Move kiosk flip time to something at or near “prime time” on Saturday or Sunday nights, when we’re all online holding our end of week guild events.
– If the above isn’t possible, can we please be told why? And if that’s the case, then yes, the last resort would be a request to move maintenance so it doesn’t directly conflict with this critical game mechanic for trading guilds, but it seems there are much greater benefits to moving Kiosk flip times instead, to a time that would never interfere with regular maintenance and would allow people to get a good night’s sleep. Mondays are hard enough as it is!